Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another HUGE Milestone!

Today I got to say goodbye to one of Joey's therapists...his dietitian. This is the first therapist involved with Joey that we have been able to say "we don't need you anymore" to, and it feels GREAT! One less person visiting the house, one less note to add to our ever-growing binder. I certainly don't anticipate we will be giving out walking papers to any other therapists but it sure feels good to cut down Joey's "fan club" by one!

I am pleased to report that Joey is eating extremely well. He gave up Pediasure Plus from a bottle when Ben was about one month old and has never looked back. His tolerance for texture has been steadily increasing and the variety of foods he is eating is the best it's ever been (can you say green beans? peas? beef???). We still have a long way to go to feeding independence as he is not feeding himself at all and still consumes purees and fork-mashed foods, but I am 1000% confident he is getting all of the nutrients he needs on a daily basis and has for quite some time. It makes working on the other stuff a whole lot easier.

Joey also received a visit at preschool from the special education teacher and vice-principal from the elementary school he will be starting in September. I stuck around for the morning and watched Joey through the one-sided mirror window, just to see what they were seeing. I was impressed that the vice-principal came as well, and he sat with me, asking questions, throughout their visit. They were there to assess his needs regarding an educational assistant and equipment he will need in September. While neither of them gave me the warm and fuzzies I do feel like they are caring people who are good at their jobs, I have a lot of confidence that they will do everything possible to make this transition as easy as possible. We are having a big team meeting at the school on May 11th so I am preparing with questions and concerns that I would like addressed.

Ben, my Sweet Potato, is growing and thriving. I can't believe he's 7 months old! I am in love with the little personality he has developed, he is a complete joy to have in our lives. He just began rolling both ways in the past week so I am bracing myself for his increased mobility and the baby-proofing that we'll need to do. We've been pretty active together when Joey is in school, doing mommy and baby yoga and aquafit togther, I'm enjoying our alone time together as I sometimes feel like he doesn't get as much of our attention as Joey did when he was a baby. A mother's guilt I suppose...

- P, J, J & B

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