Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ooops! Sorry to leave you hanging.

The holidays were so busy I just didn't have time to update after Joey's appointment in December with the neurosurgeon.

Anyway,the neuro appt was as expected, another doctor with a God complex. When I asked my first question he cut me off with "if you don't believe me I'll send you for a second opinion".

I wish doctors understood it's not that we don't believe them, it's that we just want to understand what they're telling us.

He claims that "no doctor in Canada would operate on Joey's cyst even with a gun to their head" and "I will see 4 more of these cycts today and by far Joey's will be the smallest". So glad he's clairvoyant.

I tried to explain that while he sees this all the time we don't, and we're talking about MY CHILD, but that got him even more ridiculously defensive. I think we have a big black X on our file there as "difficult parents who ask too many questions". So we'll do another MRI in 6 months to monitor the growth and that's it for now. By that time our regular neuro will be back from sabbatical thank God, since she is very kind and takes the time to explain things.

The positive thing is that it seems the cyst presents no immediate danger according to 2 neurologists now, so we'll put it out of our mind for now.

Ben is growing like a weed and Joey has made some progression towards walking, including ANOTHER new walker. I'll post more soon!

- P, J, J & B