Sunday, February 1, 2009

That was Fast!

Joey is going to be a big brother! Apparently all we have to do is think about having a baby and it happens, for which we are very thankful but also very stunned. We knew what we were doing but really didn't expect for it to happen so quickly, so it took some time for us to adjust.

Joey's new sibling is expected to make an entrance around September 28/09. Of course we are thrilled but also terrified, this is going to be a long pregnancy filled with uncertainty and stress and worry. Because we don't know why Joey is the way he is we also don't have any way of knowing the odds of having another child with the same issues. We've been given the same odds as anyone else....5%

There are also the logistics of having Joey and another child, who we will assume for arguments sake will be "typical" on earth am I going to be able to carry a 3-year-old and a newborn everywhere? How am I going to carry Joey around when I'm 8 months pregnant? It's not as though it's just the occasional picking up and carrying, it's any time we need to leave where we are! Living in a 4-level sidesplit house doesn't hlep much...It's basically going to be like having twins...both will need to be fed, both will need to have their diaper changed, both will need to be carried everywhere.

But then there is the fact that Joey will have a little brother or sister to learn from, and that child will be so blessed to have Joey as a big brother. I'm excited about having a newborn again, I know a lot of people prefer the one or two year old stage, but I am truly a baby person.

So, boy or girl, Jason and I are excited to welcome the second, and last, baby to our family. Joey doesn't have a clue what is going on but I know he will love having a sibling.

- P, J & J