Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joey's New Tricks

As promised, here are some videos of Joey's new tricks. The first is Joey attempting the stairs from the playroom to the kitchen. Ironically, these are the stairs he fell down when he first got mobile about 2 years ago, and you'll notice they are hardwood with tile at the bottom. Eeek! But now he's showing interest in going up. The toy I'm using was actually a Christmas gift for Ben from Nonno Joe and Nanny Sue but Joey has made it his favourite, so it's our current method of motivation.

Here is the first of 3 videos of Joey using his latest walker. This is the first walker where there is no support around his body at all, it's all up to him to hold on, steer and walk. The only thing we're doing to help is we attached two "leashes" to the handles to pull back on a bit because otherwise he gets going way too fast and wipes out, LOL. This is in the basement of his preschool, where he receives therapy weekly. His therapy assistant Patricia is the one "holding the reins" and you can also see his Resource Teacher in one of the videos as well.

The cool thing about this last one is that he pulls himself up and just gets going again!

Day one of the medication for Joey's seizures has gone off without a hitch. Well, mostly. He doesn't like taking it, and it's a red liquid, and he drools, so we still have to figure out the logistics of doing this 3x/day without staining all of his clothing. But it doesn't appear to be having an effect on him in any way "dopiness" at all. He's had 3 seizures today, the first two were the same as always and the last one was a bit shorter. Coincidence? Probably, I doubt the medication would have any effect after 2 doses. Next post will be dedicated to sweet Baby Ben, since he too has had some amazing changes! - P, J, J & B

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