Monday, December 29, 2008

A Lovely Day for a Walk

The weather here is perfect for a winter walk...sidewalks are clear, blue skies, no wind and temperature hovering around freezing. Joey and I have been sick off and on but are both finally better today, so I thought the fresh air would do us some good. I hauled out the heavy-duty snowsuit I snagged on Ebay last year, it was about $139 brand new in the stores, I got it for $35 and it was in brand new condition, score! Last year it was pretty big on Joey, but still functional, but this year it fits perfectly. So I used the "2 years out of a $139 snowsuit that I paid $35 for" argument to justify my Ebay addiction to Jason :)

So here are some pictures from our walk today:

Not too impressed at the beginning...

But by the end it was all smiles :)

Here are a couple of pictures of downtown Barrie, taken from the edge of the hill we live on. The rain did a number on the snow, there's almost none left!

It's so much prettier in the summer, but it's neat to take a picture like this in late December and see the bay all blue, instead of frozen over and with ice fishing huts everywhere. Ah, global warming...
- P, J & J

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