Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Caught on Tape!

Well, Joey stood twice for us yesterday at home, and I thought it would be a while before I could catch it on tape. Today Joey went to Gramma and Papa's house, and I got an email around lunchtime telling me that he stood up EIGHT times! So of course when I went to pick him up I brought the camera and thought I'd try to get a video, and our boy never disappoints. Here it is...it's not mechanically "pretty" but it's a start!

And another quick video to illustrate why it is so difficult to catch him doing anything on tape, as soon as he knows the camera is on him, well...you'll see:

So I guess Joey just couldn't let 2008 pass into 2009 without giving us something big to celebrate. What absolute joy this child brings to our lives :)

- P, J & J


Random Ramblings... said...

That is so exciting! I follow your blog often and I can't begin to describe how much your family touches my heart! I hope to someday be just as a good a mom as you to my kids. Have a great new year!

Sherri said...

I found you on the nest SN board. Your little guy is an absolute angel!His smile is pure joy.
Yaaaay! for milestons!!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!!! That gave me chills and the second video just made me smile! My little guy didn't start walking until 2 and it was the most exciting moment I can remember - even if it was at the Louisville Airport!
-Akimbo (from SN board)