Sunday, December 14, 2008

Joey's New Room

Christmas came early to our house! We needed a new chair in Joey's room, as we still feed him bottles at least 2x/day. The chair we were using was great when he was smaller but not so much now that he's 2.5 years old! Enter Grandmere (my Mom), who gave us the lovely early Christmas gift of the glider and ottoman you see below! We looked everywhere for the right chair to meet our needs and found this one.

It's very comfortable for Joey and I both, and I much prefer the look of this to the traditional glider with the exposed wood frame. So THANK YOU GRANDMERE!
A couple of weeks ago I decided that the pale lavender on Joey's walls that has been there since we moved in had to go, so I repainted his room. The colours were inspired by the quilt, and I thought it was a nice colour that was a bit more "big boy". I took these pictures quickly with my little point-and-shoot camera, so they're not the best quality, but I assure you it looks better in person.

I made this photo collage of Joey's grandparents and Zia, and put it above his crib so they are "watching over him" while he sleeps and he will always know he is loved so very much.

My Grandmother made these curtains for Joey's nursery in our old house. I have a feeling they may be moved to our spare room and a valance will take their place, as Joey likes to reach out of his crib and play with the blind.

So finally, over a year after moving in, Joey's room is done!

We have a busy week coming up. Tomorrow is our visit with the pediatrician. We're anxious to see how much weight Joey has gained since his last weigh-in in September. He was doing very well with eating for the past several months but with all the recent colds he has had his appetite has gone downhill.

Wednesday we have our new OT and the dietitian coming to the house. I've identified one of the goals I'd like to work on, which is getting Joey to hold his own bottle or sippy cup and feed himself. So I need to go through our storage bins and haul out all of the different bottles and sippy cups we've tried over the past 2 years and see if there's anything that might work.

Thursday is a Christmas party at Joey's nursery school, which I am very excited about! Since Gramma Phyllis takes him every week I don't really get to see what happens (though Gramma is amazing at telling me all about his day!) so I'm looking forward to watching Joey with the other kids.

And Friday is his last day of Kindermusik for 2008, which Gramma Phyllis also takes him to. Afterwards it's off to the orthotist to have his new orthotics adjusted, which also means a trip to the shoe store for bigger shoes.

And to end this post here are some recent pictures of Joey, in all of his adorableness:

- P, J & J

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