Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Videos!

Lots of new stuff! This first video is pretty darn cute, I especially love how the cats are keeping a watchful eye on what he is doing:

Those food and water dishes for Kaiser and Vita have been there since we moved into this house a year and a half ago. Joey has never paid any attention to it, but recently he's become a LOT more curious about everything, and a little more bold. He moves large items around ( like his high chair!!!) by pulling and dragging them around the room. The first time we caught Joey doing this in the cat dishes I was bit disgusted; I mean, he sticks his hands in the water, then into the cat food, and then into his mouth! But given that he doesn't usually bring anything that resembles food to his mouth I guess this is a huge step, and little processed fish meal never hurt anyone, right? I suppose we should tell him "no" when he does things like this, but given his limited understanding of the word (and the fact that he thinks it hilarious whenever we say the word in a stern voice) it's best just to redirect him and/or move the object in question. Traditional discipline for 2-year-olds just don't work with Joey, as he really is never "bad" and I don't think anyone can misbehave if they don't understand they're doing so. But you'll notice he looks back at me many times, it could be just that he's proud of himself and wants to make sure I'm paying attention, or maybe he is starting to understand that there are some things he shouldn't be doing!In this case, shortly after this video was taken, we moved the dishes and now the feline members of our family dine in the laundry room :)

This next video is of Joey's latest physiotherapy session last Friday. We love our therapy assistant, Patricia, and Joey loves her even more. You'll also notice Gramma Phyllis keeping a watchful eye over her boy in the background! Our goal right now is to get him standing for as long as possible to build up the muscle tone in his legs. He doesn't yet have the balance, strength or coordination to stand without help. We love this little rack they have, Jason is hoping to build something like it for Joey for Christmas. The little bells are stitched onto multi-coloured wide elastic and secured like a bracelt with velcro, if anyone knows where I can find the elastic please let me know, he loves them and I'd love to make him some.

- P, J & J

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