Friday, November 20, 2009

Off to See the Neuro Tomorrow

Quick update - there was a cancellation at Sick Kids for tomorrow and they called to offer us the appointment, which of course we accepted. Luckily I told our local hospital that I needed the CD with Joey's previous MRI and brain ultrasound images urgently and it was ready and picked up by Jason on Friday, so we are prepared. I'm just putting together my list of questions now so we use our time wisely when meeting with the neurologist.

Here are some random pictures of the kids:

Jason and Ben when we were in Niagara Falls...don't the look alike?

Ben posing by the window in our Niagara hotel room

I absolutely LOVE this picture. That's totally his Daddy's expression.

Whoops! I took apart this gate to wash it and didn't put it together properly. Joey quickly realized my mistake and let the cats through before attempting to escape himself!

Ben at 2 months, getting bigger by the day!

A ridiculously huge grin!

- P, J, J & B

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GP Whittaker said...

Very cute kids!! Hope all went well with your "Neuro visit" and that you have been given encouraging news.