Monday, November 30, 2009


Email from Dr. M, the Chief of Pediatric Neurology, received today:

Thank you --

I have had Joey's MRI from November 2006 read here. The cyst is not seen.

I have asked Dr. T
(the neurosurgeon) to review the MRIs --he feels that the cyst seen in the October 2009 scan is benign and there is no need for concern, however he will attempt to arrange an earlier appointment so you can discuss the cyst directly with him.

I had left a telephone message for you --but you do not need to return my call unless you have other concerns. I will ask our booking office to provide an appointment for Joey with Dr. B
(the neuro that we had asked to be switched to after our first experience with Dr. L, but she is on sabbatical until July 2010) as soon as she returns.

- Dr. M.

Good enough for me....for now. Of course I still have questions:

WHY it is considered benign? How can something be so big and push on the brain so much and not be a problem?
How can they be sure it is not causing pressure and/or headaches?
How do they know it is not responsible for some of Joey's unusual and unexplained emotional outbursts?
How big will they allow it to get before doing something about it?
How often will it be monitored by MRI?
Can those MRIs be done at our local hospital?

At the very latest we should see Dr. T January 8th as originally scheduled, but it sounds like it could be sooner. I feel a bit better about the whole thing now that 2 other people have reviewed Joey's case, so now I will be a good girl and wait patiently for my turn to see the fancy doctor :)

- P, J, J & B

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GP Whittaker said...

Way to go! You have been a terrific advocate for your son.