Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Pregnancy Update

I received a call from the nurse at Mount Sinai appears my bile acids are now starting to increase, up to 14.1 from 12.9 in May, despite an increase in the medication last month. Not devastatingly serious, but certainly explains the increase in itching over the past few weeks.

I also failed my glucose test, which means I now have to take a 3-hour glucose tolerance test and this likely indicates that I have gestational diabetes yet again. My level was 9.9, and normal is up to 7.8. Apparently anything above 7.8 identifies 90% of patients with gestational diabetes.

So I will have to take the 3-hour test sometime over the next week, and I'm going to have to increase my medication for the cholestasis from 3 x/day to 4x/day. I can go as high as 5x/day at my discretion, anything more than that I have to discuss with my OB.

Other than that this baby seems to be doing fine...lots and lots of kicking, usually at the worst times but that's okay, it's reassuring me for now. I believe that now that I'm in my third trimester we will begin weekly non-stress tests at some point. My next appointment with my local OB is July 16, and then I meet with my high-risk OB at Mount Sinai July 23, along with another high-risk OB that specializes in liver problems during pregnancy. We're hopeful that the 23rd will be the last time we have to travel to Mount Sinai, if the high risk OB is still comfortable with my local OB following me until delivery.

That's all for now,

-P, J & J

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