Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big, Big News!

Joey has started walking! Well, not completely, and certainly not independently, but it's definitely a start and much more than he's ever done in the past. Thanks to Gramma's hard work (and I suppose Joey's too!) she discovered that he will now take steps with the only support being someone holding his hands. You'll see in the video he's still very unbalanced and there's no way he could do it without hand-holding, but it's thrilling to see such progress regardless.

Here's a little clip from the playground outside of IKEA, we were there last night and thought we'd let him "stretch his legs" before getting back in the car to head home.

Gramma is such a pro she can do it with holding just one hand, but Jason and I aren't that advanced yet. I'll capture the one-handed walking on video soon.

The best part is that he is HAPPY while doing this, not crying like he has in the past when we made him work. I think he is starting to understand how much fun it is to be up on his feet!

More updates to follow, we've had progress in other areas but I wanted to get this most exciting news posted ASAP!

- P, J & J


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful to see. Congrats Joey!!!


Mighty Mom said...

Joey's walking looks promising. Good for him and good for all of you!
A friend of a friend of a friend....
Melissa Miller