Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Poor kid can't catch a break. On Sunday night Joey was bitten by a mosquito at the outer tip of his eyebrow. All seemed normal until Monday night when it started to swell, and this is what he looked like when he woke up on Tuesday morning:

Other than some rubbing he didn't seem that bothered by it, but the delayed reaction caused us some concern. So Tuesday morning we went to see the nurse practitioner and the doctor and after a thorough examination we decided to take a wait and see approach, as our clinic tries to be as medication-free as possible. Just a dose of Advil to bring down the heat and swelling and we were on our way.
He's definitely looking better today, though it's not completely gone. We have been told it could take up to a week for it to resolve completely! Next week is nursery school graduation so I'm hoping it's gone by then...
- P, J & J

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