Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Pictures

Not much to update... Joey's little brother is developing well, everything seems to be stable right now. Our last visit to Mount Sinai on the 3rd was very quick...Dr. R said he is comfortable that we've done all of the investigations possible and everything appears to be normal at this point, short of doing an amnio we've pretty much done everything we can. I go back one more time to meet with him in 2 weeks, and then another specialist on July 15th (she specializes in liver problems during pregnancy) and if all goes well he is happy to have me followed by our regular OB and deliver locally, which is great news! I'm still marginally itchy but the medication seems to be doing its job. I know I'm not out of the woods yet, my third trimester starts at the beginning of July and I expect it to get worse then.

Joey is doing very well. Still no huge progress towards walking but we're trying to be patient and celebrate the little things. Today we went to visit Papa Roy and play with the little toy tractor Joey's nursery school has lent us over the summer. Jason and I had never seen him on it before and were so pleasantly surprised at how well he balances and moves on it:

Yesterday was his nursery school's year-end picnic, we found some cool equipment on the playground that he really enjoyed, especially this little flower that spins:

Hugs from Mommy on the teeter-totter:

Nursery school comes to an end in 2 weeks, so Gramma gets a break over the summer. Tomorrow we're touring a different nursery school that may be better able to accommodate Joey in the fall, though I will be very sad if we have to leave the one he's at, they've been so great to us.

- P, J & J

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Jodi said...

Wow Joey looks so awesome on the tractor - yay!!