Monday, May 11, 2009

This kid is messing with my head

Joey and I travelled to Vaughan today to a 3D ultrasound place, hoping to determine the sex of this child once and for all. After 20 minutes, one Grande Iced Mocha from Starbucks and 2 Pop Tarts later, this baby would NOT uncross its legs! The tech said her best guess was that it was a boy, but wouldn't commit to anything. She said the cord was a bit in the way, and while she *thought* she caught a glimpse of a penis she just isn't sure. Now keep in mind, this place is not a medical clinic, they do this for a profit, so the last thing they want is to tell someone they have to come back to be sure, since a repeat visit is free, so if she was sure she absolutely would have said so. Here is the picture I got today, which she was very reluctant to give me as she feels it's "misleading":

Joey quite enjoyed the ultrasound, and was very interested in the black and white images on the big TV. When the tech would switch to 3D the colour changed to a more sepia-like tone, and he would lose all interest. As soon as she switched back to 2D he was glued to the screen!

I have a gut feeling this baby is a boy, and have decided that I will decorate the nursery in green, just in case my gut is wrong :) A week from this Wednesday is my level 2 ultrasound with the doctor at Mount Sinai, so hopefully this baby will uncross its legs by then. Of course I''m a bit more concerned about the cyst on its brain, but the issue of its sex has been a nice distraction from the worry.

- P, J & J

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