Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Zoo

Sunday Grandmere and I took Joey to the zoo. Despite my favourtie animals (the meerkats) being "off display" ( my Mom thinks they're busy with their Telus commercial appearances) we had a good time. For the first time Joey actually became whiney when he was hungry...it's probably happened before but it's always hard to tell with him, this time we're positive it was because he was hungry! Definitely a good sign. His eating is on another upward swing, and we're thrilled.
Not many pictures to share, by the time I thought about whipping out the camera Joey was ready for a nap and not his usual smiley self.

Sleepy Boy

Hugs from Grandmere (even sleepier)

Yes, they really got this close to us when we were sitting in the grass. No zoom used here! Joey wasn't a fan.

So it's back to work for me today, and Joey's first whole day with Grandmere!
- P, J & J

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