Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bayley Results

The results from Joey's Bayley Assessment are in, and here they are:

Scale Age Equivalency

Cognitive 6 months

Receptive Communication 10 months

Expressive Communication 6 months

Fine Motor 4 - 10 months

Gross Motor 8 months

So no major surprises here. The range for his fine motor is pretty puzzling. I would actually say he is much closer to 4 months than 10 months, I'm not really sure what he does in a fine motor capacity that would be considered equivalent to a 10 month old.

Given that the only therapy that he receives that has been consistant is physical therapy I'm not shocked that his communication, cognitive and fine motor skills are so low.

I'm beginning to become very disillusioned by our "system" for children with disabilities in this province. In talking to other parents of disabled kids I realize this is just another milestone for us on our journey, it seems that everyone reaches this point at some time. To quote from a very inspirational video that was shared with me a few months back... "This system is so flawed by it's inflexibility to adapt to an individuals' needs". Joey could be the (extremely cute) poster child for the need for change in the services available to special needs children.

I worry about the waiting lists, the lack of service, the lack of funding, the lack of support. Joey isn't even 2.5 yet and already I'm frightened about how on earth he will adapt to school. The gap between Joey's abilities and the desired milestones for children his age is getting steadily larger...while he continues to make progress and never loses skills, which is all very positive, he is still so dependent on others in every way. I mean, if his "age equivalency" average of 7 months doubles over the next year and a half, I worry about how my 4 year old, functioning at a 14 month level, could be integrated into a junior kindergarten class. My understanding of the availability of services once kids start school is that they become LESS available, and that kids with disruptive behaviour issues receive top priority. Will I actually reach a point where I'll HOPE that Joey develops behaviour issues just to receive the therapies he deserves? No parent should ever have to ask themselves that question.

On to the good news: We're on vacation this week, so Joey gets his Mommy and Daddy all to himself. It's been a busy week; OT, PT, first day of swimming lessons, pediatrician appointment, dietitian appointment. And that was all by Tuesday!

Joey weighed in yesterday at 21 lbs 15 oz, 90 cm tall. The pediatrician is still satisfied with his growth and doesn't feel a feeding tube is necessary yet. He is going to refer us to a developmental pediatrician (In Orillia, not at Sick Kids in Toronto, yay!) to evaluate him for a possible secondary diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). I would be surprised if Joey WASN'T diagnosed with this...he has definite sensory issues...loud and unusual noises (especially indoors), tactile sensitivty with his hands and of course his unwillingness to put anything in or near his mouth except for fabric. I'm not sure how long we'll wait for this appointment but there's no rush.

The rest of the week is busy too...a trip to Sudbury to visit Jason's Zias and extended family tomorrow and Friday a trip to Ikea in Toronto, followed by dinner with Nonno and Nanny Sue, then off to the airport to pick up Grandmere! If the weather holds out we'll be going to the Toronto Zoo on Sunday or Monday. Lots of excitement :)

- P, J & J

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