Friday, September 4, 2009

Induction is Booked, Anxiety Sets In

It's so strange to know the date your baby will be born. Some people feel that way about knowing the sex of the baby before it's born, which is something I just HAD to know, but I feel like knowing the arrival date spoils to surprise even more than knowing the sex.

But, I know that due to the cholestasis it's best to induce between 37-38 weeks, and I will be 38 weeks 1 day on September 15th, which will be this baby's birthday. Of course it's entirely possible he will decide to come on his own before then but so far he has seemed pretty comfortable where he is. So only a week and a half more of being a family of 3, soon our lives will be forever changed by the arrival of our 4th family member....does that make me sound anxious at all?! No, I know that there is no better gift I can give to Joey than the gift of a sibling, and I know this new little boy will be forever blessed to grow up with a brother like Joey. So I am excited, maybe just a bit anxious, but I am so busy over the next week that I won't have much time to think.

I also got the results of the biophysical profile ultrasound I had done over a week ago. It measures things like heart rate, amniotic fluid level, basic anatomical measurements, approximate weight of the fetus, fetal movements, fetal breathing and the reason we had the test done in the first place...muscle tone. The results are fantastic...8.8 out of 10! Anything over 8 is considered normal. There was absolutely nothing remarkable about the scan and all signs point to a happy, healthy baby. His approximate weight at 35weeks 1day was 6 lbs. 2oz.

Next week is a big week...Joey begins his new preschool! I'm praying the transition goes well, Gramma Phyllis is going to accompany him for the first few weeks so hopefully that will help. Tuesday is the big day!

- P, J & J

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