Tuesday, April 14, 2009

G-Tube Update

Today I received a call from Dr. J, the developmental pediatrician we met with in February. She was calling because Sick Kids Hospital sent her some forms regarding our consultation for a G-tube scheduled for May 19th and she needed further information from me.

When I told her of the new developments in regards to Joey's feeding she sounded quite alarmed, and said she will be calling Sick Kids tomorrow to get the appointment moved up because, in her opinion, this is now "rather urgent". She was not happy to hear that he was no longer taking any liquids at all (other than about 2oz of water in the morning and at night after we brush his teeth). I suppose there is a concern about dehydration, but I am very concious of it and know for a fact he is nowhere close to being dehydrated.

It was a bit disheartening to hear her language change from "if you decide to go ahead with a G-tube" to sounding more like this is a medical necessity, but I guess this isn't a shock. We've tried for over 3 years now to avoid a feeding tube, it has been difficult, time consuming and very frustrating. I think it's time to realize that we aren''t going to be able to fix this problem quickly, and in the meantime Joey needs to receive proper nutrition.

- P, J & J

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