Friday, January 16, 2009


After a chest X-ray and a thorough examination by our family doctor it has been determined that Joey doesn't have croup or pneumonia, he has bronchiolitis caused by RSV (a common respiratory virus in kids). He hasn't gotten any worse, and Advil seems to calm the coughing well enough. He's missed nursery school this week, along with his very first walker class which started yesterday, since he would have been around other kids and I didn't want to be "that" Mom who exposes her sick kid to other kids, but today he has physiotherapy and we're heading out soon.

This poor kid just can't catch a break! It seems like we've been on a cycle since October of two weeks sick, one week healthy. Luckily Jason and I have avoided catching this one, it's no fun caring for a sick kid but it's REALLY no fun if we're sick too. So hopefully he'll continue to improve over the weekend and be ready to go back to nursery school next week.

Joey still hasn't met his new cousin, but hopefully he'll be well enough by Sunday so Jodi and Jason can bring him over for a visit. I can't wait!

- P, J & J

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Anonymous said...

How's Joey doing?? I hope he's better. I saw your post on the Nest... :)