Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Just a few pictures of Joey over Easter. He's not a big fan of the bunny ears but I managed to get one good shot at least :)

Joey and his pal, Vita. She is the sweetest cat, she lets Joey pull on her fur and pet her in his less-than-gentle way and doesn't move. We call her our therapy cat :)

Joey's eating seems to be improving, he had a really good weekend. Yesterday he actually ate some chicken baby food, although we had to mix it with fruit. He actually seemed to enjoy it! This is great because the only solids he's really been taking are sweet, creamy things like yogurt, pudding etc. He is also taking some pretty big bottles...a can of PediaSure Plus is 8 oz. and he had a few 8 oz bottles in the past few days! This is very exciting, especially since he's leaving for Florida in just over a week and Jason and I won't be around for the first 8 days to feed him. Maybe this is his way of telling us not to worry?

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J said...

Hi - he is such a sweet baby. I enjoy your photos so much and I am super jealous that you are getting some well deserved alone time and a vacation!